How to Make 2 Ingredient SLIME

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I wanted to do something fun for my son’s Halloween class party. I thought about playing Bingo but then decided that slime was the perfect “Halloween Party” idea! I was actually pretty afraid because I wanted it to be easy and didn’t want to haul a bunch of stuff to the school. I didn’t want to take borax, warm water, glue and more to the class. I decided to try this 2-ingredient slime recipe but since it seemed too “easy” (too good to be true) I decided to to test it out first. Afterall, I didn’t want the class party to be a fail.

Well….we did it…and….I am very pleased to tell you guys that it TURNED OUT PERFECT!!! I was a little nervous when Miley’s was a strange consistency but with some more playing and squishing of it, it turned out just like the others. It’s perfect! Trust me, if I can do it, you can too…I promise! 😉

See the recipe below:

You can also watch my VIDEO HERE of use making it!!!

2-Ingredient Slime


  • 1 part Liquid Starch (found in the laundry department at Walmart, Target, Grocery stores, etc)
  • 1 part Glue (with Miley’s (the pink one) I didn’t use food coloring…just sparkle glue and starch so 2 ingredients and it’s colored!)

OPTIONAL  – 2-3 drops of Food coloring (totally optional AND if you buy the glue with glitter, you don’t need it).

*For the amount shown in my pictures, each kid used 1 bottle (5 oz) of glue and 1/2 cup liquid starch. 


  1. Add 1/2 cup starch to a bowl
  2. Add 1 bottle of glue to the starch
  3. Stir with a spoon
  4. Then, after some stirring, use your hands to squish it and play with it for about 5 minutes to get it to the perfect consistency.


If it’s too sticky after 5 minutes, rinse it with a little water OR if it’s lumpy, add a tiny bit of starch (if you add too much, just rinse it off)!

This recipe is very easy and no matter what you do, you can fix it and make it turn out right….and if not, it’s still very cool and gooey to the kiddos!


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